A Favorite Place

Most of you know that I live in Sandwich, MA. You also know that I love to spend time outdoors. Nature is amazingly beautiful and full of magic. Cape Cod has many salt marshes that were created by the glaciers that formed our peninsula. Salt marshes are very important to our area. They serve as a nursery for many salt water creatures as well as a buffer from strong storms. This is a picture of a Cape Cod salt marsh at sunrise. One of my favorite places in the world is a salt marsh in Sandwich with a very special feature: a boardwalk! Here are 2 pictures of my personal paradise:

In the summer, when the tide is high, people jump off the boardwalk. I am a little bit afraid of heights so I don’t like to jump into the water. I do like to float down the creek that the boardwalk crosses. It is a relaxing, refreshing way to spend some time.

Do you have a favorite natural place? Tell us about it!

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50 thoughts on “A Favorite Place

  1. Hi!
    My favorite natural place is the mountains in Utah. I went skiing there a couple days ago and the view from the window in the condo was amazing! The mountains and trees were covered in snow and the view was beautiful.
    Alessandra C

    • Dear Alessandra,
      I have never been to Utah but hope to make it there some day. Thank you for telling me about your place.
      Ms Hanna

  2. Dear Ms. Hanna,
    My favorite place is going through forests or going to places I haven’t been before. I like exploring new places.

  3. Dear Ms. Hanna,
    My favorite place is the beach at my dad’s house. My dad lives in a small town called Hull. It is still in Massachusetts but I don’t thin July have heard of it. Have you heard about? I love it there because it has these jumping rocks called the Gully and the Question Mark. They have been there since my Grammy was little. I also like it because in the summer me friends Kylie and Carrie my cousins Hayley and Danny also climb up to some of the rocks and talk. The beach is called Gunrock beach. In my opinion it is a very pretty sight all around the seasons. Maybe I could bring in a picture of me and my family there.

    • Dear Maddie,
      I would love to see a picture of your favorite place. I have heard of Hull but I’ve never been there. As you know, I love rocks so I’m sure I would think Gunrock beach is beautiful.
      Ms Hanna

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    • Dear Caroline,
      By “the windy city” do you mean Chicago? If so, Chicago is a city I would love to visit. We’d love to hear more about where you live.
      Ms Hanna

  5. This is a really cool blog! My favorite place to go is Hilton Head because it is just so beautiful and it’s a place where there is no litter and everyone is very nice to each other.

  6. I love where you live! It looks like such a beautiful place. I would love to visit it sometime. My favorite place is probably the river by my house. I love going there and just sitting and relaxing. Sometimes when its warmer out you can even see the fish swim in there.
    ~Michaela P

    • Dear Michaela P,
      Thank you for visiting our blog. I bet the river by your house is beautifully peaceful. Are the fish large or small?
      Ms Hanna

  7. Dear Ms. Hanna,
    You live in such a beautiful plaace! You are very lucky! The pictures of where you live look so relaxing.


  8. Dear Ms. Hana,

    You live in such a wonderful place. My favorite place is my school St. Rays because its a cozy and loving place to be. I love it alot the friends and teachers are great here!

    – Andriana A

    • Dear Andriana A,
      Thank you for commenting on our blog. Cape Cod is a wonderful place. It sounds like your school is wonderful too. You’re lucky to learning in such a great environment.
      Ms Hanna

  9. Dear Ms Hanna,

    I love the river and the bridge. It looks like a really relaxing place. You are very lucky to have such a nice attraction there in Sandwich. Also I like the dog.


    • Dear Arianal,
      I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Thank you for visiting our blog. Where do you live?
      Love, Ms Hanna

  10. Dear Ms. Hanna,
    I have never been to the boardwalk in Sandwich. It looks like it is a lot of fun. I would love to jump off the boardwalk at high tide. It is to bad your a little afraid of heights. Maybe I will go there sometime

    Your Friend,

    • Dear Clifton,
      You should definitely visit the boardwalk next summer. I’m sure you would love jumping off. Floating down the creek on the current is also fun. Many people kayak in that creek also. I hope to see you there some time.
      Ms Hanna

  11. Dear Ms. Hanna,
    My favorite place on Cape cod is Nauset beach. I like nauset beach because of the big waves. I went there with my friend and we went boogie bording over the huge waves. One time I went on one wave and I feel off my boogie bord and crashed up on the rocks on the beach. OUCH!


    • Dear Payton,
      Nauset Beach is a beautiful place. Sometimes huge waves scare me. I like to boogie board in medium sized waves. Crashing on the rocks would be most uncomfortable!
      Ms Hanna

  12. Hey Ms. Hanna,

    My class and I are visiting blogs in the Challenge and we really appreciated your post because it is similar to ours. WE went to visit wetlands last week close to our school.

    You might also enjoy viewing our slideshow with your students. There are questions to answer also. Click here Our Wetlands…

    Miss B’s girls comment: Ms.Hanna is probably very nice because she isn’t shy to tell us she is a little afraid of heights?

    Miss B’s boys comment: That boardwalk doesn’t look so high, she should try it 🙂

    We also learned that marshes help with storm control. When hurricane Irene hit Quebec, many areas near marshes did NOT flood.

    Miss B’s Block
    (carpet comment)

    • Dear Miss B’s Block,
      We LOVED your video! The water snake was creepy and amazing! Our class answered all of the questions correctly. We used a strategy of choosing the middle answer for the percentage question. Our marshlands are similar to yours but we think we are closer to the ocean. We would like to know what grade you are in?
      Your New Friends,
      Ms Hanna’s Class

  13. Dear Ms.Hanna,
    I enjoy living near the beaches because on a hot summer day there is nothing better than to swim in the cool blue ocean!It is also so beautiful!I love the ocean and i can’t wait for next summer!
    Your student, Avery

    • Dear Avery,
      There is nothing better than swimming in the ocean on a hot summer day. Today would have been a good day for a swim even though summer is technically over. I am going to enjoy all of this school year while I am looking forward to next summer!
      Ms Hanna

  14. Ms Hanna,
    The place where I live is more like the water in the background of your blog. I live on a beach in Australia which has some great swells for surfing. But personally, I prefer sitting quietly in the bush looking and listening for the birds and other small animals that live there.

  15. Dear Ms. Hanna,

    My favorite place was in Portland. This was my favorite place because I go places with my dad. I like spending time with him. We play soccer outdoors together with my sister.

    I like the picture of the salt marsh at sunrise. I wish to see Portland again.


    • Dear Jordaine,
      I have never been to Portland, Maine. You have good reasons for Portland being your favorite place. Hopefully you will get to visit again soon.
      Ms Hanna

  16. dear mrs hana
    I have jumped off of that bridge before. When I went there last there was alot of kids having a mud fight. I did not want to join them but my shoes were covered inmud by the end of the day.
    Your student,
    Tommye W.

    • Dear Tommye,
      How great that you have been to my favorite place! Kids often have mud fights near the boardwalk. It looks fun and gross at the same time. Salt marshes can be very muddy places.
      Ms Hanna

  17. Dear Ms Hanna,
    I think that the picture of the stream was beautiful.At hightide I would so jump of the boardwalk I think it looks awesome.

    Yours truly,Ryan

    • Dear Ryan,
      That stream is beautiful. I can picture you jumping off the boardwalk. You would have a colossal smile on your face!
      Ms Hanna

  18. Dear Ms. Hanna,
    I liked that picture you have on your post of a salt marsh you like to go to. I actually live right next to a river called the herring river, it is really great. It is best in the summer since I can jump of our dock and go swimming. Just the other day we caught two crabs and then ate them for dinner. They were delicious! I now know how much fun your summer must have been.
    Your student,

    • Dear Caleb,
      It must be awesome to live right next to a river! How wonderful to be able to jump right off your dock to swim. Is the water all salt or is it brackish? Crabs are a delicious dinner. You are a very fortunate boy.
      Ms Hanna

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